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Wednesday 8 April 2009

What sort of landlord insurance cover should a landlord get?

Landlord insurance is mainly sold by insurance brokers who sell insurance underwritten by some of the large insurance companies such as Norwich Union, Zurich, AXA.

Many landlord insurance policies are standard landlord insurance policies produced by these companies. In some cases individual insurance brokers such as the landlord insurance brokers in our brokers section have delegated authority to tweak their landlord insurance policies in order to offer additional cover or less cover in certain areas in order for them to offer useful cover extension or to reduce the premium they charge. One aspect that a landlord should use in assessing a policy is the cost per £1000 of cover. Cover costs range from £1 per £1000 upwards. Some insurers will offer very basic levels of landlord insurance cover with the option to add in specific additional levels of cover whilst others such as Alan Boswell have landlord insurance policies that offer a very generous and broad level of cover.

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