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Tuesday 31 March 2009

Landlord insurance - postcode lottery

Landlords for many years have been playing the postcode lottery with their landlord insurance. This is because that their landlord insurance premium hasn't taken into account the postcode of their investment property meaning that they may well be paying a higher premium than they need.

However research by specialist landlord insurance website www.landlordinsurancebrokers.co.uk reveals that more landlord insurance brokers are adopting specialised landlord insurance policies that adjusts a landlords insurance premium according to the postcode of their buy-to-let property.

Landlords looking to renew their landlord insurance should ensure that they ask their landlord insurance broker whether their policy takes account of their buy-to-let properties postcode. Otherwise landlords could find that they are paying more for their landlord insurance than they need.

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Tuesday 24 March 2009

Landlords can insure against loss of rent

The FT reports that landlords can now insure themselves agsinst loss of rent from tenats. The schemes are typically offered by companies that provide tenant reference services for estate agents, such as Keysafe, Homelet and Experian. They charge a six-monthly or annual premium relative to the rent on the property. Keysafe, for example, charges £75 for six months or £120 for a year to cover up to £10,000 in lost rent and legal fees.

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Saturday 21 March 2009

New landlord insurance policy launched for tenant insurance and legal advice for Portfolio landlords

Landlord insurer broker launches new portfolio landlord insurance scheme.

Alan Boswell Insurance one of the longest established landlord insurance brokers has launched a new landlord insurance scheme to target portfolio landlords. The new landlord insurance policy offers landlords FREE legal advice and tenants insurance. Many landlords are increasingly concerned at the sustainability of their rents as tenants become unemployed as a result of the economic slowdown.

This new landlord insurance policy, launched in association with Property Hawk a leading website for landlords with FREE property management software online is available FREE to porfolio landlords with 15 or more properties or over £1 million of landlord insurance cover.

The policy offers:-

* Lost rent up to £25,000 over 12 months (subject to a 1 month rent excess)
* Up to £50,000 in legal advice

The cover costs £7.80 per property with a minimum premium of £126.

All this is FREE to portfolio landlords

The proviso is that each tenant / guarantor is referenced and awarded a PASS by Keysafe (UK) Ltd. This costs £30 a time.

To find out more landlords should contact Alan Boswell Insurance on 0845 6180298

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