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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Landlords Face High Risk of Flood - Landlord Insurance Concerns

Landlord insurance provider Direct Line for Business is giving landlords free advice on the problems of flooding, whilst carrying out research on the impacts of flooding on small businesses.

Results show that in three regions more than a fifth of the business people surveyed had been affected by issues from flooding in the last year.

The areas were the North -East, East Midlands and the worst hit Wales, with a rate of 23 per cent of respondents affected by floods.

The national average was 11 per cent of respondents had been affected by flooding.

"Flooding poses an increasing threat to all businesses and householders, as last year's storms and severe weather have demonstrated," observes spokesperson Kate Syred.

Our advice is that landlord should take the risk of flood seriously and make sure they are fully covered with whichever landlord insurance policy they take out.

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